Business Insurance

Businesses of all sizes from small to large need insurance to protect themselves and others. Consider a few of the basic types of business insurance to determine if your company has the coverage it needs.

Liability insurance for businesses. Liability insurance protects your company in the event it is sued due to possible acts of negligence.

Property insurance for businesses. Having property insurance products against damage or loss of your business location and its contents. It may also insurance the property of others during the loss. The terms of property insurance are well-defined and may only cover a certain circumstances such as fire.

Casualty insurance for businesses. In many instances, casualty insurance is purchased with property insurance. Casualty insurance covers against damage or loss to the business itself.

Workers’ Compensation insurance for businesses. Each state has different requirements regarding Workers’ Compensation insurance and most require some type of policy must be in place. Employees cannot sue the employer for injuries. Rather, the employer is part of a system that automatically pays employees’ medical bills and damages in the event of injuries on the job.

Commercial auto insurance for businesses. Personal automobile insurance does not cover vehicles used by a business. Commercial auto insurance covers your business if the vehicles cause property damage or personal injury.

Health insurance for businesses. Most businesses offer some type of health insurance policy for their workers. It provides health coverage benefits for employees. Some companies ask employees to pay into the cost of health insurance and others foot the bill themselves.

Life and disability business insurance. This type of business insurance is used to protect a business in the event a key partner or employee dies or becomes disabled.

There are also other types of business insurance, such as coverage in the event company operations are interrupted in certain circumstances.