Will A Traffic Ticket Received Out-Of-State Affect My Auto Insurance Rates?

Having a safe driving record with no accidents or tickets is one of the best ways to help you get the best auto insurance rates. If you’ve gotten a ticket out of state, you may be wondering if your state and insurer will find out, and how your insurance rates will be affected.

Your state will likely find out about the ticket

The requirements to report tickets received in another state vary from state to state. 45 states and Washington, DC are part the Drivers License Compact, a reciprocal interstate agreement that mandates reporting convictions received out of state to the drivers home state.

The five states that are not part of this agreement usually report convictions for out of state drivers, even though they are not required to.

Will Points Be Added To My Drivers License?

Each state handles assigning points for violations received in another state differently.

New York will assign points for tickets received in Canada, but not in other U.S. states. The ticket will still show in your driving record, but points will not be added.

New Jersey gives two points for each violation received out of state, even if it was a minor violation that would not have resulted in 2 points if the conviction had take place in state.

If your license is not a commercial license, Connecticut does not add the violation to your driving record, nor do they assign any points.

Many insurers use the specific violations in determining your insurance rates, not the number of points. An out-of-state violation listed in your driving record could affect your insurance premiums, regardless of how many points are given.

What if you decide not to pay the ticket?

All states have a reciprocal agreement regarding non-payment of citations. If the state where the ticket was issued would have suspended your drivers license, then your home state will suspend your drivers license on their behalf.

Will my insurance rates be affected?

Gone are the days of an out-of-state ticket not making it’s way home to your driving record. Sometimes your auto insurance rates won’t be affected, but often they will.

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